SFC Jeffrey Hoffman - Fort Campbell, Kentucky

I am SFC Jeffrey Hoffman. I have been in the Army for 18 years now, with three deployments under my belt as a crew chief on a UH-60 Blackhawk and as a supervisor for the maintenance of the aircraft. I have also served as a recruiter and as a writer and instructor at USREC and TRADOC respectfully. 

I saw the display as I entered the PX and for whatever reason I decided to enter the drawing, even though I usually wouldn't, as I think it is just a way for the PX to gather info to use. I love racing of all types so I thought why not give this one a shot. Boy am I glad I did ! This was absolutely the most amazing experience I have ever had. 

After I was notified that I was the winner I was promptly notified from you (Meredith) on what to do. It left me without any question on what to do and what to expect. Every detail was covered and my experience was seamless and extraordinary. It was a once in a lifetime experience. Especially after all the hardships and experiences I have been through while serving this great country. 

When I arrived at the track I had been given instructions on what to do and it went as smooth as it ever could have been. The credentials were easy to obtain and the PR Ms. Anderson responded right away after contacting her. 

She made the experience even more pleasing by meeting us at the gate and taking us to the teams garage area and introducing us to the team. The owner and team sponsor were exceptional in offering us whatever we wanted. I truly felt welcomed in being there. My hat goes off to the team and the sponsor of this event. Thank you to all from the bottom of my heart.

The coolest part of the whole event was everything, but being able to sit in the pit box during the race with a headset was number one in my book. They all treated my with the greatest respect I could of ever experienced. I was blessed that day and will always be great full to the number 22 AM racing team.

If it wasn't for the Flying Circle teaming up with the Exchange I would never have had this dream come true. All I can say is thanks so much for letting me and my family enjoy the experience and dedication that Flying Circle and AAFES provides to the services of the armed forces. WOW!