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Great Gear, Great Value

Rick, from Kansas City, MO 
I have way (way) too many packs and bags, from just about every well-known manufacturer, and without doubt, your gear is the best dollar-for-dollar value out there. 

Loves the Brazos

David Hunter Jones, Editor - Firearms News 
I absolutely LOVE the Brazos. I wasn’t sure about it because I’d used my previous pack for 10-plus years, but I will not carry anything but this. It’s amazing. 

Unmatched Quality Products

Larry Cunningham 
Nobody else has the quality products you have. As a retired military professional, who seeks "quality and durable gear" I was so glad that your company is "on point" and knows what we need and also knows what works! Why so many other competitors don't have your merchandise beyond me? Thanks for thinking of the Veterans and the Outdoorsman with regard to our needs - and with prices conducive to the common budget. 

The Business Backpack is a Beast

You guys sent me a gift which is totally cool and unexpected and made my week. So thank you. I'm rocking the business backpack at training and it holds a ton! Its about to be really tested this next TDY! I really throw my crap around and the pack has stayed strong thus far! What I really like about this pack the most is the size of the pockets: they actually fit legitimate stuff in them. There's room for personal notebooks, then more for flight logs and textbooks, and then some more in the sleeve for my dinosaur of a laptop. I carry my life in my pack at training. There was a video online that was posted three years ago where the guy unloaded his business pack...I fit just as much, if not more, daily and trust the workmanship. The thing is a beast. 

A Damn Good Quality Product

I just want to thank you guys so much for making a great product. I bought (and still have) a black Flying Circle backpack in Ft. Leonardwood, MO while I was stationed there as a young Marine in my military occupational specialty school. A couple of months later, I took it with me to Iraq and it served me well over there. Now that I'm out, I'm a member of my city's local police department. Again, this backpack is doing a great job. Through many trips to Disney, cruises, hotel stays, field operations, range days and many more, this backpack has been there with me. I went to use it again last night and saw a tiny hole at the bottom one of the pockets. I am amazed that it took this long, through all the stuff I put through to end up with just one tiny hole! It's still sitting here next to me as we go on our next adventure. I plan to keep this backpack for as long as I can and if I ever need a new one, I know where to go looking. Again, thank you for your time and making such damn good quality product. 

23 Years and Still Holding Up

I served in the US Army for 13 years, before I became a disabled Vet. I bought my first Flying Circle helmet bag in 1993 at FT. Eustis VA when I was going through Apache Helicopter School. My bag has been with me through Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Rowanda, Iraq, Afghanastan, and I do not know how many field trips, ranges and Military Schools. I love your bag so much, it has held up for 23 years that I have owned mine.

A Wonderful Piece of Equipment

Barry Richmond 
I just wanted to let you know how much I love the 123 Business Backpack! So well made and fits easily in small spaces on those commuter aircraft. Tactical features but classy enough for business meetings. I have dozens of tactical and computer bags but I love yours the best - use them for hauling around my computer and presentation gear and anytime I go to a meeting with more than just a notebook. I like that you make it in black (and not just camo) I love them so much, I am getting a couple more. I use them as CBOBs (Conference Bug-Out Bags) for gear I don't use every day (projector, speakers, etc. that I take with me to meeting/presentations). I can keep them pre-loaded and ready to go so I don't forget anything (well not as much anyway). This is just a great, wonderful piece of equipment. 

117M Padded Laptop/Briefcase Beats Big Name, Expensive Bags

Frank Kraut 
Best padding in a laptop bag I have found; beats even big-name manufacturers who make much more expensive bags. Size, pockets, straps, all optimal for a 13-inch MacBook Pro on one side and an iPad Air on the other.

Impressed with our Customer Service

Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help & for making a disappointed customer impressed with your customer service. I’ll surely spread the news about that.

Wowed by our Warranty

Kevin Jalique 
Wow, I have never experienced this from a retailer. I am truly thankful and amazed. I will definitely stay a customer!

Ready for Action

Nancy S. Whitt
LCDR, US Coast Guard Reserve, Retired
28+ years of proud service to our nation 
Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know how delighted I am with my US Coast Guard orange gym bag! The construction is rock solid, the zippers heavy duty, and there is so much storage. Excellent design, very ready for action! And thank you so much for the bonus bag you sent when I registered my product online. Flying Circle Bags can't be beat for price and quality! Thanks for recognizing our Coast Guard - often overlooked but always ready! Semper Paratus!

Exceeds Customer Service Expectations

Ian Martin 
Just to let you know that the replacement bag you sent me arrived safely, and is currently in use, with no further issues. Thank you very much for your assistance, a far higher level of service than I was either looking for, or expected.

Quality Merchandise, Affordable Prices

David Good 
I was looking at your web site and am delighted that your company is a family-run business. You keep good quality merchandise at an affordable price. I like the quality of your stuff so much I think I will definitely order from you again in the future. In fact I have a trip coming up and might get your luggage tags before then.

Stands Behind the Brand

Pleased OEF Officer 
I wanted to let you know that I received the replacement bag in the mail today! Again, thank you for such loyal and professional service. I will not hesitate to recommend your service or products to my fellow Soldiers or associates. You truly stand behind your brand and I commend you for that.

Great Products, Great Americans

USAF Vet from Boston 
Ordered for G'son, Backpack 203B today...My phone contact was a delight. Answered on the first "ring". Order completed..with accommodation, kindness and respect so that I did not ask for her name to thank you with this message. Great products, great Americans. I'm here at Soldier Systems Center, Natick, MA...We are the design and evaluation of individual protection including fabric pattern, construction, material composition as selected for ACU and various "other" items worn and carried by our Warfighters. So when I offer you complements of FCB product fit, finish and appearance my comments come with some earned level of "well done, Flying Circle, well done." Continue serving us with the "Old World Attitude(s)" you provide every-day. Respectfully submitted to all in the organization, Founders to your Shipping folks, the last people that make us happy on our end, my personal thanks.

One Stop Holiday Shopping

Satisfied Santa 
I bought (with your help) several bags for Xmas gifts last year. I have to tell you that the bags were a HUGE hit with my family and co-workers, we did good! They especially loved the monograming which gave it a very nice personal touch. I originally discovered your bags when visiting a family member on an Air Force base in Washington state, I had no idea such an outstanding reasonably priced rugged backpack was available. I purchased your back pack 203b in black at the commissary and still love it.

High Quality Children’s Bags

Proud Mom 
Thanks for making such high quality bags for my little patriots.

Fantastic Customer Service, Quality, Price & Value

Bill Kattman 
I purchased 2 bags in Dec. and 3 in February! The bags are fantastic! Your operation could certainly show a lot of retailers the meaning of customer service, quality, and price for value of product!

Appreciates Great Customer Service

Happy Shopper 
I really appreciate the great customer service I am receiving on this order. I will surely be shopping with you guys again.

Great Product - Great Company

Happy Ohioan 
You have really shown me that I chose well not only in picking a great product but also a company. Since I received your email I have let my friends as well as family know how great of a company Flying Circle Bags is. One of my close friends will be purchasing the same field pack that I have from you next month for his camping as well as bug out bag needs. He had already decided on it prior to your email due to seeing the quality of the one that I have. The fact that your company stands behind their products was just another sign that he should buy from Flying Circle Bags.

Consistent Quality

Smiling in Switzerland 
Thanks a lot for your effectiveness with my order! It's great to find the same products with the same quality 10 years after I bought my first bag from Flying Circle!

Delighted Customer

Happy Repeat Customer 
I absolutely love your products and I'm delighted with the company. I firmly believe your success will continue well into the future, and I look forward to remaining a repeat/loyal customer.

Guarantee Honored

Delighted in Canada 
Thank you very much for making this an easy situation. All too often consumers run into a mountain of unseen costs and problems when looking to have guaranteed items honoured. It is a pleasure to do business with Flying Circle Bags. You can be sure I will be speaking highly of your products and customer service to all.

Quick Response on Replacement Part

Pleased with the New Part 
I received the parts last week. I wanted to thank you for the great customer service!

Hats Off to You All

Grateful for Good Service 
I received my backpack yesterday. It's comforting to know that great customer service still lives. Thanks so much for your help - it says a lot about your company. Courtney needs to be commended - she was pleasant, patient (had to send the replacement back), and prompt. It was great to speak with the same person throughout the process. I especially appreciated the follow-up email communication. Hats off to you all.

Perfect Bags

Pleased Corporate Customer 
I got the bags today and they are perfect. Thank you for your help and fast response.

Stands by Bags

Happy Customer 
I appreciate you all standing by your product. Too little of that these days.

Loves the Kit Bags

Pleased Platoon Leader 
I just wanted to say thank you again for the Kit Bags. They turned out awesome. All the guys like them. It was nice doing business with you.

Great Customer Service

Satisfied Customer 
I have to say thank you for the great customer service. It's nice to see a company standing behind their product. I'm definitely going to pass the word about Flying Circle Bags. Thanks again!

Amazing Quality & Price

Amazed & Pleased 
The quality of the bag I purchased was AMAZING for its price. I'm still impressed with the comfort when I put it on my back too. There was some usual wear that had occurred and the no questions asked exchange policy is one that is rarely seen for any product of any type.

Lightning Fast

Happy Deployed Customer 
Wow, that was lightning fast. Thanks for the excellent service. I'm dealing with another merchant right now who won't respond to my e-mail let alone help with my problem, so I appreciate your help.

Giving Back

Grateful in Boerne 
Your company generously donated bags for our 3rd & 4th Soldier's Christmas in the Methodist Church. I have sent thank you cards, but I hope other customers will read this and know how much you gave to our Wounded Warriors at Ft. Sam. The bags were a huge hit! Especially the pink ones for the little girls. Thank you.

Happy with Repair and Service

Repaired & Ready to Roll 
THANK YOU. The bags arrived today. Honestly, that second bag is amazing. The repair to my bag is great. The strap hooks and strap are wonderful. Thank you. I will gladly recommend by my use and my witness your products that I use and the service that your company has provided. It is businesses like Flying Circle Bag Company that have made and will continue to make America the greatest nation on earth.

Flying Circle Rocks

West Coast Safety Officer 
You guys rock! My bag showed up yesterday and I needed to have all my stuff packed and ready for deployment today. Nice work and thanks a ton. I truly appreciate it!

Highly Recommended

Happy Customer 
I received my new bag! Thank you so much. I really like the backpack and use it almost every day. I recommend your brand to my colleagues at the ship. Please tell your manager how happy I am with your product and your personal customer service!

Perfect Flight Bag

A Friend from Louisiana 
The style 860 is a perfect flight bag in size. I also appreciate the top quality and durability of your products. They can survive the tough military field environment that they are subjected to.

Customer of 8 years

Returning Customer 
I've used Flying Circle Bags for the past 8 years and I love them. This will be a great addition to my flight gear. Thank you for all of your help!

Impressed with Quality

Happy Backpacker 
I bought one of your bags (Stryker Backpack 213). I am impressed at the quality of the workmanship and the apparent durability of the bag. I believe it suits my needs for a long while.

Appreciates the Quick Service

A Friend from the Far North 
I would just like to thank your company, for providing excellent and rapid customer service. I have purchased 2 of your large field packs, 1 of which I had some material failures on recently. I was completely amazed at how convenient and quick the matter was resolved. I had contacted a rep about my problem on a Friday and had a replacement waiting at home for me by the following Tuesday! A lot of companies could benefit from the service that your company provides. You can be sure I will continue to speak highly and recommend your products at every chance.

Best Wishes from Dubai

Happy Customer in Dubai 
I received my order today, and just want to thank you for your professional assistance and fast shipping.

Around the World and Back Again

A Family of World Travelers 
Our family has been using your bags since the late 80's and have carried them everywhere. Some have been to Alaska twice, British Columbia, Northwest Territory, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Old Mexico, Chile, Argentina and all over Europe with our daughter. Your bags have been used and abused in normal and abnormal ways -- they have survived baggage handlers, being thrown in the back of a pickup truck for long dusty rides, and have been rained on and kept our gear dry. Some have even been strapped to the panniers of a pack horse, or been dropped out of a Super Cub airplane into a remote hunting camp. We've never had a zipper failure, a rip or tear, or a handle break. Thank you for your fine products!

It's Been a Pleasure...

It's been a pleasure and your company is so professional. Keep up the good work.

Loves Med Roll Duffel

Loyal Countryman & Southerner 
Greetings from the Middle East. This is one messed up place. Really HOT too. Blowing sand sometimes. I wanted to thank you all for your excellent style #102 Med Roll Duffel which I purchased at our BX/PX store. It's really tough, just like all our military & civilian contractors. Thanks again. Pray for us all over here.

Thanks from Baghdad

Served in Iraq 
I have had this bag for a short time and I have used it during countless missions in Baghdad, Iraq. Although it looks torn and tattered and a bit beat up, it has served me well. It does bring me fond memories and a bit of comfort to know that it has helped me come home safe.

Happy Son-in-Law

A Pleased Mother-in-Law 
Dear FCB, My son-in-law is in the Army and he carries one of your bags.......several actually, and they are awesome! Thanks!

Flying Circle Stands Behind Products

Sincerely Grateful

Dear Jim and Joy,

As owners of the Flying Circe Bag Company, I am sure you receive many letters. I know you are busy people and have a business to run but I hope you take a few minutes to read my letter.

My husband, a sailor of 20 years, volunteered for a six month tour in Afghanistan . A week before he departed Norfolk, we purchased one of your products from the Norfolk Navy Exchange. It was a sharp looking sand colored camouflage bag with U.S. Navy embroidered on it. He was able to take one sea bag and your backpack to his next stop for two weeks of Army training.

When I spoke to him the next day, he told me the zipper in his backpack was not working properly. It was supposed to unzip from either side but it was only zipping one way with a struggle. He was quite concerned because he still had the long trip to Kuwait for additional training before his ultimate duty station in Afghanistan.

I contacted the Navy Exchange to see what could be done. They insisted that I return the bag to them for a possible exchange. I explained that I could not do that since my husband had the bag in his possession elsewhere. They said there was nothing they could do.

I asked them if they could give me the vendor of the backpack and they provided your company's name. I looked up your web page and from that found the Military Sales Representative, Ms. Margo Freedman.

I sent her an email just after noon and within the next hour Margo contacted me at work. She was very helpful and said she could send a replacement bag to my husband if I had a mailing address. I was able to contact the my husband's OIC (Officer in Charge) and he provided the address. The OIC recommended the package be sent via UPS or FEDEX. I emailed the address to Margo and told her that I would pay for the shipping cost. Within an hour, Margo provided me with a FEDEX tracking number and promised the bag would be delivered within three days.

Margo was true to her word. My husband has the new bag and is relieved to know when he packs at the end of this week his bag will safely hold its contents. I cannot believe how fast Margo was able to resolve our problem.

It seems like there aren't many companies that stand behind their products. Customer satisfaction seems to be the furthest from their minds. But my experience with Flying Circle Bag Company has left me feeling very satisfied. Margo was very helpful and reassured me that she would take care of it. She said we had bigger things to worry about than the bag. How true!

I just wanted to let you know about the wonderful sales representative that you have working for you. I hope you appreciate her as much as we do.

And Margo, Thank you for all that you have given.

My husband received the replacement bag that you FedEx'd to him. He was so relieved. I told him how wonderful you were. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for being so kind and so professional.

Loves the Large Field Pack

A Friend in Pennsylvania

Dear Flying Circle Bags,

I'm sending you this to let you know that I think your back pack is the greatest thing I have had in a long time! My stepson got me your style #214zr and I sure love it. I do a lot of hunting and I can take everything I need for a week through the end of the hunt. I just want to let you know that I think it is the best pack ever made and I will get a lot of use out of it.

I loved the back pack so much I sent one to my only brother in the state of Washington and he loved it! He asked me how much I paid for it and he couldn't believe it. Sorry about my spelling for I only went to the first day of the 9th grade and then I went into the Marines because I got into some bad trouble. It was go in to the service or to jail and my pa said, "son, you're going into the service."

That was back in 1969, a few days ago, but I learned a lot and happy I went. Anyhow, you have two hunters that think that the back pack is the best thing we have ever had and keep up the super work. I sent your web page to him and he said he might get some more stuff. I might too for my stepson because he is into golf and hand ball and I saw a couple of great looking bags!

Thank You for your time and have a super day!

Received from a Postcard of Praise

Fan of the Stryker Backpack 
Thank you all so much for the repair of my backpack. It's as good as new. Also, thank you for the Stryker Backpack! Wow! A few less pounds and I can send myself home in it! Ha ha! Thanks for the support, too. Don't forget the military!

Loves the Fast Response Time

Smiling Customer 
Thank you for the AWESOME customer service. I was amazed at how fast I got the last bag. Thank you so much. You have been a pleasure to work with. I will be singing your praises. I truly have a really big mouth so you can be sure to get lots of good advertisement from me.

Sent Flying Circle Bag to Husband in Iraq

Wife of a Serviceman 
Just wanted to let you know that my husband received the bag today in Iraq. Thanks again for your great customer service!