We like to show off. No, we’re not into flashy bling, luxury vehicles, or wearing muscle shirts to show our impeccably sculpted guns. We’re into doing business the old-fashioned way by showing off the true meaning of customer service and providing quality gear at a fair value.

For more than 30 years, Flying Circle has been a trusted supplier to the Army & Air Force Exchange Stores. Our company was founded on the principle that our military service members have much bigger things to worry about than the reliability of their gear, so we provide them with the most dependable products at a reasonable cost. To that end, we strive to serve those who sacrifice so much in service to our country by providing them with top-notch customer service. Just read our testimonials. These people are so impressed by our skills, they endorsed us without even being compensated!

Good news travels fast, and our customer base has grown to include the Marine Corps Exchanges, Navy Exchanges, Coast Guard Exchanges, countless dealers worldwide, and avid outdoors enthusiasts who appreciate that our battle gear is tough enough to take on the great outdoors.

And while you’ve probably heard the cliché that everything is bigger and better in Texas, that’s partly true. We pride ourselves on being a small, family-owned company that can personally cater to our customers’ needs. That also means we sometimes have disagreements about who’s cooking dinner and taking the kids to piano lessons, but we hash it out over Rock-Paper-Scissors and pull together every day as a team. Smaller means better here, and we're pretty lucky to have built such a family within our company. Some of our employees aren’t even related to us, but they’ve worked alongside us since the very beginning!

Oh, and you may be wondering where the heck we came up with the name Flying Circle? Well, it’s the family ranch brand, and on the ranch is where all the magic began three decades ago. When they weren't busy tending to the cattle back then, our original owners, Jim and Joy Chittim, made cattle halters and livestock show coats in the barn, so it was only logical that their next venture was to make military bags, right? Their entrepreneurial nature and innovative ideas are the driving force behind Flying Circle. We’ve since retrofitted the barn into a factory with their son, Jimmy, and his wife, Christi, now calling the shots, but that doesn't mean we still don't have to take turns tending to the chickens.

As CEO, Christi also runs our sister company, Mint®. They make the sweetest little things! Their children's bags and gift items are sold in retail boutiques across the country. To take a peek, visit their website at www.mintsweetlittlethings.com


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