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"From the beginning, we decided that this was going to be a performance engineered iPad® cover. I'm looking forward to seeing all the different ways our customers use our Tactical Cover in the field." - Flying Circle President, Jimmy Chittim

  • Fits the original iPad®, iPad®2, iPad®3, & iPad®4 (this case does not fit iPad® Pros, Airs, or minis)
  • Frame dimensions:  7.5" w x 9.75" h x 0.75" d - please carefully compare your iPad® dimensions to the frame dimensions before ordering to ensure it will fit
  • Multi-function cover provides easy access to all iPad® controls & ports
  • Reinforced elastic straps for horizontal or vertical one-hand mode
  • Adjustable leg strap for pilot mode - on-the-leg hands-free viewing
  • Main closure strap and built-in kick-stand support viewing at multiple angles
  • Features a large camera port - just open the port and shoot, no need to remove your iPad®
  • Removable viewing hood conceals screen light; can also be used in bright light to eliminate screen glare
  • Built-in microfiber screen cleaning cloth stored in interior zippered pocket
  • Zippered pocket has plenty of room for earbuds, power cord, etc.
  • Store a small notepad under elastic straps on inside back
  • Two slots for pens or stylus
  • Exterior Velcro® for name tape, flags, or patches
  • ID holder on back side
  • Plenty of padding & protection for your iPad®
  • Water resistant 1000D Cordura® fabric

Reviews (10)

Joseph Davis

Best iPad Cover

This is the best iPad tactical cover that I have seen on the market and the price is very fair in comparison with other cases sold for iPad. This cover provides protection from drops, moisture and provides cover and concealment for the iPad from people looking for them in common style format cases such as the portfolio leather case. This case also provides enough room to store the power adaptor and syncing cable. In my work environment we are required to carry iPads to many different locations providing IT support, training and meetings. Some of my coworkers have had their company issued iPad stolen from them when left unattained and damaged when dropped on hard surfaces and damage has occurred when using the standard low profile cases. The bottom line is if you want maximum protection and good functionally for your iPad in personal, educational, business and government environments this case will work well for you.

Keith Kraker


I have used the Tactical iPad Cover from Flying Circle for just over a month now. Overall, I am marginally satisfied with it. The case functions as advertised and has a ton of features built into it. I'm a pilot so I got the case partially for the leg strap. While the leg strap is functional it is not quite as user friendly as one designed secifically to be used for flight. Having the opening for the camera is handy as the back camera can be used without removing the iPad from the case. I used the hand straps multiple times when briefing a meeting from my iPad. Many viewing angles are available which adds functionality for multiple uses. Unfortunately, there were two things I found to be less than satisfactory. First, the Velcro all over the outside of the case sticks to everything. I am in the Army so I wear a uniform that has Velcro all over it - prying the iPad away from ones body is both annoying and at times embarrassing. Velcro is a minor issue, the other issue I had was a little more serious. Even though I did not keep anything other than the leg strap and the screen cleaning cloth in the zipper pouch, I still ended up with multiple marks in my screen. Not on the screen protector and not on the screen but under the glass. There are now dozens of small white marks that, as best I can tell, are in the LCD itself. It seems that, once the viewing hood is pull out of the case (to make it reasonably slim) the bulk of the pouch hits the screen when it is closed. Needless to say, a protective case that actually damages the iPad is counterproductive. I liked the case and its multitude of features. Sadly, I am now back in the market for a case that is both functional and will protect my device.

Additional Info

Additional Info

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7.5" w x 9.75" h x 0.75" d